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Who We Are?

YUPSI Foundation is an organisation dedicated to ushering a new wave of actionable change targeted at reversing the social exclusion of individuals or groups in our society. It aims to do so by eliminating societal segregation based on gender, age, disability, ethnicity, caste and economic status.

The organisation follows a not-for-profit model that promotes the development of ability, opportunity and dignity for those who are marginalised and unfairly disadvantaged.

Our Intiatives

YUPSI Foundation works to inspire a positive and constructive environment for the society. One of the ways we intend to do so is by creating awareness towards social issues and providing society with a solution to its shortcomings. YUPSI Foundation works to empower all sections of society into independent beings capable of promoting the development of the world we inhabit.

  • Poshan - Food Project
  • Nirog - Health Project
  • Unmukt - Drugs de-addiction Project
  • Samarthan - Advocacy Project
  • Ujjawal - Education Project
  • Bhagidari - Societal Development or Involvement Project
  • Swabhimaan - Women Project
  • Lakshaya - Sports Project
  • Smavesh - Social Inclusion Project
  • Savtantar mann - Mental Health project

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YUPSI Foundation
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Phone: +91 98720 03823

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