YUPSI Foundation is an organisation dedicated to ushering a new wave of actionable change targeted at reversing the social exclusion of individuals or groups in our society. It aims to do so by eliminating societal segregation based on gender, age, disability, ethnicity, caste and economic status.

The organisation follows a not-for-profit model that promotes the development of ability, opportunity and dignity for those who are marginalised and unfairly disadvantaged.

What We Do?

YUPSI Foundation works to inspire a positive and constructive environment for the society. One of the ways we intend to do so is by creating awareness towards social issues and providing society with a solution to its shortcomings.

YUPSI Foundation works to empower all sections of society into independent beings capable of promoting the development of the world we inhabit. Believing strongly in the role that women play in the upbringing of children and as such a whole generation. We aim to facilitate activities and workshops that provide women of Chandigarh with necessary means to ensure their growth and in turn the growth of our society.

Mission Statement

The YUPSI FOUNDATION (Youth United for Peace and Social Inclusion) Trust aims to foster peace and combat social exclusion by focusing on 3 Es (Education, Eradication, and Empowerment).

Our Objectives

  1. To provide education/vocational training to males and females for achieving self-reliance.

    Education is the pillar of modern society, and we cannot advance as a species without its intervention. We are cognizant of this fact, and aim to bestow the gift of knowledge to underprivileged sections of the social hierarchy. Therefore, an important aspect of our plan of action is to help males and females deprived of traditional educational sources in achieveing self-reliance by providing them with employable vocational training.

  2. To aware and sensitize people regarding the evils of child labour.

    Human beings are instinctively inclined to criticize the things around them, but the fact-of-the-matter is that society has improved at an exponential pace. However, the world we live in has its fair share of evils. Child labour is one such malevolent practice that still runs rampant in the Indian subcontinent. We aim to sensitize people about how child labor hinders the transformation of India from a developing nation to a developed one. The YUPSI Foundation banner already has multiple awareness events planned in advance to attain this outcome.

  3. To remove children from workforce and readmit them into regular school.

    Work is an important part of the human experience. But, it does the society no good if people adopt it at an age which is best-suited for their education. Therefore, we strive to counter the participation of children in the workforce. Instead, we seek their re-admittance into regular educational programs. Government-aided institutions and socially-reponsible youth will aid us in achieveing this outcome.

  4. To organise alternative education centres for working children.

    Responsibilities bound us all, and teenagers belonging to underprivileged parts of the society are most-hindered by circumstances beyond their control. We acknowledge that not everyone gets to engage in the pursuit of traditional education until a certain age. Therefore, to aid children who cannot leave the workforce, we aim to bring educational centres to their vicnity. Our dedicated volunteer-force along with the help of our benefactors will ensure the completion of this objective.

  5. To motivate parents to encourage children’s education

    Familial ties are an intricate part of the Indian society. They bless us with the strength needed to swift through the trials and tribulations that form a major chunk of our lives. But, due to social-conditioning, family can also act as a restrictive force in an individual’s growth. We aim to combat such negative consequences of familial structures by propagating the voice of truth. In simpler terms, we aim to do so by motivating parents to encourage educational pursuit.

  6. To sensitize and promote collective action in protecting the rights of the children,women, specially abled, SC, ST, OBC, Economically weak and Socially excluded communities.

    Five fingers when clenched together become a fist. Similarly, if the circumstantially-challenged portions of the society start acting in synergy with each other, their collective voice is bound to be heard by the masses. We aim to bring about the above-mentioned amalgamation of people belonging to various socially challenged segments of the country. The initial-tier of individuals we wish to work with can be from the ranks of underprivileged children and women, specially-abled people, socially backward classes, economically challenged communities, and other socially-excluded groups.

  7. To propagate the need for eradicating child labour and upliftment of orphans, street, poor and specially abled children.

    Prodigies aren’t built in mansions, they rise from the streets. We are well aware of the potential talent that is hampered by child labour. Our manifesto strongly voices its disregard for this social practice, and propels us further to engender the upliftment of orphans, street-dwellers, economically-inhibited kids, and specially-abled children.

  8. To eradicate all forms of slavery or practices similar to slavery, such as the saleand trafficking of children, debt bondage and serfdom and forced or compulsory labour, including forced or compulsory recruitment of children for use in armed conflict.

    Societal development works on a simple principle; the younger generation improves on the shortcomings of the older generation. However, the success rate of the process can use some improvement. Currently, we live in the 21st society, but still face problems belonging to the medeival era. Practices like slavery, human-trafficking, debt-bondage, forced-partipation of children in armed conflict, and many more continue to linger on in dingy corners of our world. We aim for their absolute eradication, and possess the necessary organizational-structure to do so.

  9. To investigate the need for assistance, medical or social, for all specially abled, whatever the degree of disability, and to ensure that full advantage was taken of the social security measures.

    We believe in targeting problems we intend to solve only after performing an adequate degree of scrutiny. Therefore, our organizational guidelines encourage us to perform a close examination of medical as well as social problems that are faced by individuals belonging to specially-abled sections of the society. The degree of disability of an individual does not limit our intention to aid him/her in any manner. Furthermore, we aim to ensure that the social security measures we directly provide or abet in the provisions of being appropriately accessed by the targeted individuals.

  10. To   provide   medical   and   paramedical   treatment   for   old,   destitute   and underprivileged people.

    Health is the most basic requirement for any human being to function at an optimal level. Economically-challenged parts of the social hierarchy are often severally limited in their access to adequate healthcare services. First and foremost, we aim to make them aware of the government-aided resources at their disposal. On a organizational level, we intend to provide medical as well as parademical treatment to elderly, destitute, and underprivileged individuals.