“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”-Mahatma Gandhi

Our attempt through this project is to provide the basic nutrition (Poshan) that every person requires throughout their lives to live a healthy life. The millions of children in India who are bereaved of the means, but, have the zeal to learn and achieve often fail to live a healthy life due to lack of nutrition.

Through the project, we envisage a future where no child goes to sleep hungry and get wholesome meals essential for their development and growth. We wish to give them the nutrition and motivation necessary to live a healthy life.

The Global Hunger Index report 2019 placed India at the 102nd spot among 117 countries. This number indicates a pressing need to deploy corrective measures that ensure food security for at-risk individuals and communities. We aim to complement the efforts being made at the governmental level by launching crowd funded food-donation drives and educating the population about the ill-effects of food wastage.

Status: Active and seeking fund
Mode: Active volunteering and market liasoning


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